The Severn Bore, is a wave caused by the tide that sweeps inland for around 20 miles. This happens twice a day, morning and night and more often than you might think!

It truly is one of the wonders of the UK. The height of the bore wave is dictated by the size of the tide and where you see it. It can trickle by at a disappointing size only to rear up 100 metres around the bend from your chosen viewing spot.

The bore can be seen at different sizes dozens of times a year.

Here are some wonderful pictures of the bore taken by Mark Humpage, a photographer and storm chaser.

August 26–29th

On the Awre Peninsula

Four days celebrating the River Severn

The River, music, surf, ecology, talks, heritage, food, film, art, camping.

Bar and bands till 2am

Kindly supported by: Severn Cider, Ballard Creative.





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