Bringing the passion, beauty and mystery of the great tidal expanses of the Severn. Sharing the discoveries, showcasing the talents - drinking the cider. That’s what the Magnificent Severn is about.

Sorry everyone, there will be no Magnificent Severn Festival this year.

You know what it’s like when things just don’t stack up for you. Well we’ve been struggling to find a new venue and worrying about not have a big bore to excite you all with. I like that fact that the star of the show is something we have no control over!

So we’ll keep you posted as to what

small events we do and look at the

tide table for next year and get planning.

Thanks for all support, it feels great to be able to share the wonder with you all.

Celebrating the River Severn

Postponed till next year

The River, music, surf, ecology, talks, heritage, food, film, art, camping.

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