The river and estuary is home to an abundance of wildlife. The water hosts both freshwater and saltwater fish and because of this there are over 100 different species to be found.

Seals and porpoise visit the river and even a pod of dolphins once made its way up to Gloucester.

Ecologist will lead walks to help you discover the wonders of the river and its banks for yourselves.

In the evening, a bat walk will be lead by a specialist and using bat detectors, you will be able to hear the calls of the water bats, called Daubenton’s, as they swoop low over the water to feed.

August 26–29th

On the Awre Peninsula

Four days celebrating the River Severn

The River, music, surf, ecology, talks, heritage, food, film, art, camping.

Bar and bands till 2am

Kindly supported by: Severn Cider, Ballard Creative.





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