The tidal Severn has supported the people of Gloucestershire and provided them with a natural bounty for thousands of years. These ancient and reliable methods are still used today. Learn about hazel ‘putcher traps’, the athletic use of the hand held ‘lave net’, hauling of the ‘long net’ and the dangers of the ‘stopping boats’.

Elvers are baby eels that travel up the Severn in spring after their long journey across the Atlantic.

Glass eels UK and The Sustainable Eel Group will be telling the amazing story of elvers and offering flights to see the Severn! They will be flying from Staverton down to the Severn bridges. A charge will be made to cover costs.

'Of all fishing tackle, the elver-net is the most pleasing to the eye, for it has an almost Chinese line of graceful, box-like angularity'.

August 26–29th

On the Awre Peninsula

Four days celebrating the River Severn

The River, music, surf, ecology, talks, heritage, food, film, art, camping.

Bar and bands till 2am

Kindly supported by: Severn Cider, Ballard Creative.





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