The aim is to create a lasting event that benefits the communities on and around the Severn and showcases the best the area has to offer.

Stuart discovered the river through surfing the bore, Tom was born and brought up next to the river and Leah lives in the Forest of Dean. Between them they bring, creativity, hard work and fun!

‘In travels around the world to other bores I was struck that where ever I went, people celebrated their tides. In China ancient temples are dedicated to the tides and thousands of people line the banks to see the arrival of the ‘Black Dragon’. In France, hundreds both surf and watch the ‘Mascaret’ progress upstream. The roads are closed and parking is organised. The towns benefit from it and the crowds are well catered for, including providing showers on the slip way for surfers to wash the mud off. In the Amazon, the streets are alive with music and dancing as everyone welcomes the ‘Pororoca’. It was this and the discoveries made during my time in and around the river that inspired me to start The Magnificent Severn’.

August 26–29th

On the Awre Peninsula

Four days celebrating the River Severn

The River, music, surf, ecology, talks, heritage, food, film, art, camping.

Bar and bands till 2am

Kindly supported by: Severn Cider, Ballard Creative.





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